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This video is an element of a series of how-tovideos for that Amazon Hearth Tv set Recast program.

On this movie We'll showyou quite a few alternative ways to document a software, or simply a sequence.

In a very prior movie, we confirmed you ways to established the parental controls.

And we shared along with you a tipthat every single guardian must know.

By the time this video is over, you willhave figured out various tips on how to file a software or simply a sequence.

You'll master howto document a software using your voice, utilizing the channel guideline, and When you arewatching a system.

That is essential if you need to recall something, you canhave the DVR be your memory.

And We'll tell you about the best way to record aprogram using your cellphone.

And you will be pondering, why do I have to record aprogram almost every other way if I can history it using my voice? Well I can inform you frompersonal knowledge, using the voice command will not normally do the job.

When yougive a voice command to your program, it is transmitted online to anAmazon server.

That Personal computer's algorithm will convert to your voice command to aset of digital Guidelines and deliver it back via the internet towards your Amazon Hearth Television Recast program.

If the net is rather occupied, like it really is on cyber Monday, orcyber week for instance, from time to time your voice command in no way does make it tothe Amazon server.

When that takes place, realizing how you can file a program anotherway will are available in very handy.

Clearly show channel guidebook.

(Alexa voice) This is channel guideline.

You will have observed that I did not make use of the word Alexa.

And that is simply because Idon't need to.

I use the Amazon Fire Adhere and the only real way to get voicecommands to it's to utilize the thrust a button within the handheld remote control.

And that is okaywith me, due to the fact I Individually will not want any device in my property that will belistening to what is going on on.

File Judge Judy, (Alexa Voice) scheduled to document Choose Judy.

A pair matters to just take Notice of in this article.

Youdo not really need to see the program that you want to record over the channel information torecord it.

But you must know practically the exact identify of the program.

Anotherthing is at time of the recording or generating this online video, the default modewhen you listaiptvcs employ a voice command to record a application, the default mode would be to recordthe collection.

Also whenever you history a sequence or possibly a program, It is out there on all thefire sticks or other units that you simply use.

Now allow me to provide you with ways to verifythat Judge Judy is scheduled to record.

We will go back to our Amazon household screenand we will scroll over to DVR.

We are gonna go all the way down to The underside to All those littleicons, and we're to scroll more than to scheduled recordings.

When welook on the checklist, you'd probably expect to discover Judge Judy, at the very best from the list.

But wedon't, and that's since I scheduled Individuals recordings at the very best as priorityrecordings.

And I'll explain to you how you can timetable precedence, and edit yourrecordings in an future video clip.

Whenever we scroll down the checklist would you discover thatJudge Judy, is scheduled to file two independent programs.

And that is for the reason that asI indicated just before, the system default would be to file the sequence.

Now let us go backto the channel information and document an forthcoming demonstrate.

Rachael Ray, is developing, so let us go ahead and find that.

When we click on it, We've got two selections.

Report the sequence, or file the episode.

Let us go on and file the episode.

And Incidentally after you go back to the list on the house display any time you clickon DVR and go right down to your scheduled recordings, you may not see Rachel Ray, listed ideal.

Away there seems to be style of a delay.

Properly let us go ahead and checkit out And see if It truly is there.

Let us go on and scroll down the listand see if we can discover it.

And nope, it's not there.

But I'll bet you whenever we goback to the very best, it'll be detailed appropriate near the top rated.

And The rationale for that isit's incredibly near its recording time.

And the following issue scheduled to recordafter that's ABC Environment Information Tonight.

Display Channel manual.

(Alexa Voice) Here's channel guideline.

Now allow me to provide you with the best way to record a method although we'rewatching it.

And spot as we scroll down in the listing of programs which might be on, you will see pink dots by Rachel Ray which old dwelling.

And that's an indicationthat They're recording today.

Let's go on and pick Days Of Our Life.

At any time you've got a software on your display screen that you're observing, you canrecord it using the options button around the remote control.

The recording willbegin and return to whenever you first commenced looking at the program.

When youclick the options button on the distant, you'll have some choices on theright-hand aspect.

Let us go ahead and click document.

Now we have two alternatives torecord, The one episode, or the full sequence.

And by the way the default modefor the procedure would be to file five episodes which can be initial-run and reruns.

In an forthcoming video, we are going to demonstrate the way to edit collection recordings to make sure that youdon't file reruns.

Developing next, I will explain to you howto report a system utilizing your cell phone if you're over the highway, or even in your own home.

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If you need to file a plan that you're observing when you are absent fromhome, merely tap about the screen and you may see slightly document button pop up on thetop appropriate.

Simply click that button and This system willstart to document from the point where you started off observing it in your telephone.

Yet another way to report a software when you're away from home about the street, is toscroll down through the on now portion until you discover the program.

And also you'llsee a few tiny dots inside the lessen correct hand corner.

Click on Those people dots and arecord button will pop up around the lessen remaining.

Click the document button and nowyou're recording that solitary episode.

You can not document a collection at this timefrom your cellular phone.

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